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This community is intended to build a community of vapers which help each other along their vaping journeys. We welcome vapers of all kinds (new, old, high end, recreational, etc). This community is not in competition with any other community. Please take the time to read the rules listed below.

Site Rules 1. Strickly 18+ community. Admins reserve the right to ask anyone who does not appear to 18+ to produce photo ID. 2. A respect for every person regardless of any of their choices, believes, or anything else is required. Disrespect/discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. 3. Buy Sell Trade is allowed. Make sure that your post is tagged for the "buy sell trade" category. We do not assume any responsibility for bad trades or unrecieved items. 4. When posting please make use of the category drop down. This keeps the posts organized. Remember this is a vaping site and content posted must be vaping related. 5. This is not TMZ. Please do not gossip here. Gossip of any kind is punsihable by ban hammer. (This includes but is not limited to gossip of youtubers, websites, people, or companies.) 6. You are limited to one promotion a day of each type. To promote your youtube please use the "youtube" category. To promote your company/business please use the "business" category. If you're interested in any other type of promotion please contact the admins. 7. If you feel you cannot comply with these rules please direct your attention to the top right corner of this window. Make use of the red X on Windows and the red circle on Mac.

Lounge Rules 1. We do not support Squatters rights. If you are not active kindly remove yourself. 2. No shoes, no shirt, no service. Okay, that's a bit much but please enter dressed appropriately. We are not a nudisty colony. 3. You are required to have either a cam or a mic active when entering the lounge. Having both is highly encouraged. 4. Please be respectful. If someone is talking do not step on their toes. 5. Be mindful of your surroundings when you enter. Gyms, concerts, and bathrooms are not acceptable lounging locations. 6. If you are muted by an admin please resolve the issue that got you muted prior to unmuting (loud noises, arguements, etc.) 7. If an admin is resolving an issue in the lounge please remain muted until the issue is resolved. 8) What happens in VapeShack stays in VapeShack. Do not carry any disagreements within the site to other venues outside of the site - and vice versa. 9) If someone has a problem with another member on this site, and they decide to air their “dirty laundry” out IN A PUBLIC FORUM (ie - Lounge, Site Main Page, etc.) before trying to discuss it and reach a resolution with said other member, their account will be IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep this site a friendly enviorment for all users.

Every single base cannot be covered in these rules. Please conduct yourself in an adult manner. We reserve the right to remove anyone who is consistently breaking the rules or causing problems. Thank you.


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